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Export Classification

ImageMagick Studio LLC is a limited liability corporation based in the United States of America. All of our products are developed via online collaboration in public forums and distributed from a central server within the U.S. Therefore, U.S. export laws and regulations apply to our distributions and remain in force as products and technology are re-exported to different parties and places around the world. Information on export control classifications and associated restrictions may be required for exporting, re-exporting, record keeping, bundling/embedding of ImageMagick products, encryption reporting, and shipping documentation. More information on U.S. Export Regulations can be found at the U. S. Bureau of Industry and Security.

The ImageMagick software distribution is classified as ECCN 5D002. However, ImageMagick Studio LLC makes no warranty or representation that this classification is accurate, current, or complete. ImageMagick is exported under the TSU exception in EAR 740.13(e) which applies to software containing or designed for use with encryption software that is publicly available as open source. TSU further provides that Posting encryption source code and corresponding object code on the Internet (e.g., FTP or World Wide Web site) where it may be downloaded by anyone neither establishes "knowledge" of a prohibited export or reexport for purposes of this paragraph, nor triggers any "red flags" necessitating the affirmative duty to inquire[...]. It is your obligation as the exporter to comply with the current applicable requirements of United States export rules and regulations.