MagickCore  7.0.10
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1 /*
2  Copyright 1999-2020 ImageMagick Studio LLC, a non-profit organization
3  dedicated to making software imaging solutions freely available.
5  You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may
6  obtain a copy of the License at
10  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
11  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
12  WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
13  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
14  limitations under the License.
16  MagickCore image transform methods.
17 */
21 #if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus)
22 extern "C" {
23 #endif
25 extern MagickExport Image
27  *ChopImage(const Image *,const RectangleInfo *,ExceptionInfo *),
29  *CropImage(const Image *,const RectangleInfo *,ExceptionInfo *),
30  *CropImageToTiles(const Image *,const char *, ExceptionInfo *),
31  *ExcerptImage(const Image *,const RectangleInfo *,ExceptionInfo *),
32  *ExtentImage(const Image *,const RectangleInfo *,ExceptionInfo *),
33  *FlipImage(const Image *,ExceptionInfo *),
34  *FlopImage(const Image *,ExceptionInfo *),
35  *RollImage(const Image *,const ssize_t,const ssize_t,ExceptionInfo *),
36  *ShaveImage(const Image *,const RectangleInfo *,ExceptionInfo *),
37  *SpliceImage(const Image *,const RectangleInfo *,ExceptionInfo *),
40  *TrimImage(const Image *,ExceptionInfo *);
42 #if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus)
43 }
44 #endif
46 #endif
MagickExport Image * FlipImage(const Image *image, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:1186
MagickExport Image * ConsolidateCMYKImages(const Image *images, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:415
Definition: image.h:76
MagickExport Image * FlopImage(const Image *image, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:1321
MagickExport Image * TransposeImage(const Image *image, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:2118
MagickExport Image * TransverseImage(const Image *image, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:2256
MagickExport Image * CropImageToTiles(const Image *image, const char *crop_geometry, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:788
Definition: image.h:151
MagickExport Image * CropImage(const Image *image, const RectangleInfo *geometry, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:536
MagickExport Image * SpliceImage(const Image *image, const RectangleInfo *geometry, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:1691
MagickExport Image * RollImage(const Image *image, const ssize_t x_offset, const ssize_t y_offset, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:1538
MagickExport Image * ExcerptImage(const Image *image, const RectangleInfo *geometry, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:987
MagickExport Image * ChopImage(const Image *image, const RectangleInfo *chop_info, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:189
MagickExport Image * ExtentImage(const Image *image, const RectangleInfo *geometry, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:1127
MagickExport Image * ShaveImage(const Image *image, const RectangleInfo *shave_info, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:1631
MagickExport Image * AutoOrientImage(const Image *image, const OrientationType orientation, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:100
MagickExport Image * TrimImage(const Image *image, ExceptionInfo *exception)
Definition: transform.c:2403
#define MagickExport