MagickCore  7.0.10
_SplayTreeInfo Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for _SplayTreeInfo:

Data Fields

int(* compare )(const void *, const void *)
void *(* relinquish_key )(void *)
void *(*)*(* relinquish_value )(void *)
MagickBooleanType balance
void * key
void * next
size_t nodes
MagickBooleanType debug
size_t signature

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file splay-tree.c.

Field Documentation

MagickBooleanType _SplayTreeInfo::balance

Definition at line 96 of file splay-tree.c.

Referenced by BalanceSplayTree(), NewSplayTree(), ResetSplayTree(), Splay(), and SplaySplayTree().

void * _SplayTreeInfo::next

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