MagickCore  7.0.10
random_.h File Reference
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typedef struct _RandomInfo RandomInfo


MagickExport double GetRandomValue (RandomInfo *)
MagickExport double GetPseudoRandomValue (RandomInfo *magick_restrict)
MagickExport RandomInfoAcquireRandomInfo (void)
MagickExport RandomInfoDestroyRandomInfo (RandomInfo *)
MagickExport StringInfoGetRandomKey (RandomInfo *, const size_t)
MagickExport unsigned long GetRandomSecretKey (const RandomInfo *)
MagickExport void SetRandomKey (RandomInfo *, const size_t, unsigned char *)
MagickExport void SetRandomSecretKey (const unsigned long)
MagickExport void SetRandomTrueRandom (const MagickBooleanType)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _RandomInfo RandomInfo

Definition at line 30 of file random_.h.

Function Documentation

MagickExport RandomInfo* AcquireRandomInfo ( void  )
MagickExport double GetPseudoRandomValue ( RandomInfo magick_restrict)
MagickExport StringInfo* GetRandomKey ( RandomInfo ,
const size_t   
MagickExport unsigned long GetRandomSecretKey ( const RandomInfo )
MagickExport double GetRandomValue ( RandomInfo )
MagickExport void SetRandomKey ( RandomInfo ,
const size_t  ,
unsigned char *   
MagickExport void SetRandomSecretKey ( const unsigned long  )
MagickExport void SetRandomTrueRandom ( const MagickBooleanType  )

Definition at line 982 of file random.c.

References gather_true_random.