Words with glitter not animated

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Words with glitter not animated

Post by Rita »

I have always been able to add glitter to words, but now when I get to the final steps (just prior to and including OUTPUT), the glitter does not animate as it should. I get just the color added. What is happening? :(

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Re: Words with glitter not animated

Post by mlski »

Did you follow through to the output? It won't always show the animation until you get to the end.

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Re: Words with glitter not animated THAT's WHY

Post by BDiana »

Your FINAL STEPS in OUTPUT should be executed in this order:

If you used a .JPG base image, your output in file format is also checked on .JPG by default.

Change and checkmark it under .GIF

Also add a DELAY number (1-100) and set the loop to "0" (zero).

That should basically do it.

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Re: Words with glitter not animated

Post by anthony »

WARNING WARNING... do not use 0 (zero) as a delay in an image unless you mean "don't show that frame".

Flame ON!

A zero delay frame is very bad as it should really mean 'never display this frame', though just about every GIF animator adds a small delay to such frames because too many people mis-use it. This mis-use causes problems for those people that do use it correctly!

Smallest valid delay should be about 3 cs (centi-seconds) which is about as fast as the video refresh rate.

For more info, on correct use of zero delay frames, and how various programs react to a animation consisting of only zero delays (real bad) see IM examples, Animation Basics, Zero Delay Intermediate Frames

Never save a GIF animation that has no 'delays'
Anyone using zero delay on all frames in an animation should be (add your own cultural unpleasentness here)
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