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Posted: 2006-03-24T22:17:09-07:00
by mlski
easiest would be to make you glitter image & save it - then composite it to the image.

May not alwasy work though - but it's a starting point.

Posted: 2006-05-12T14:23:37-07:00
by mlski
wow - it could be any number of things. I've had that happen on occasion as well. It's happened with glittler gifs I've used forever - that all of a sudden start to blink instead of sparkle & shimmer, so I know it's not the image. That sort of leaves it to a possible upgrade with the imagers. Sometimes upgrades toss a monkey wrench into things for a short time, but since there are a number of the online versions of IM available - usually not all are affected with upgrades at the same time. Have you tried with a different gif to see if it's more than one that starts blinking?

Are you webtv/msntv or PC?

These are the current options -

Arbor - ... Studio.cgi

Amish -

Net4tv ... Studio.cgi

Redux - ... Studio.cgi

Save all of them - if one doesn't work right - try another.

Yeah - it's possible to do it with other imagers if you're on PC, however you'll not find an easier way to do it than with IM. With programs like PSP - you have about 3 times the steps to go through to get the same effect as composite.

Keep trying - be sure you didn't change a setting - and try another version of your gif - or another gif all together. Try another of the imagers.