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Making a blank rectangle

Posted: 2018-09-26T09:09:21-07:00
by tonebytone
We used to be able to make a blank rectangle instead of using a ready-made image. But recently with the changes, My friends and I haven't been able to make one any more. Is there a way to do this now? TIA

Re: Making a blank rectangle

Posted: 2018-09-27T18:30:54-07:00
by magick
Set these properties @ ... Studio.cgi:

Code: Select all

Size: 320x240
Format: xc
Meta: cyan
Now press 'View'. You should get a cyan rectangle.

Re: Making a blank rectangle

Posted: 2018-09-28T10:27:43-07:00
by tonebytone
THANK YOU! It's so simple and works no matter which color one chooses. I'm also presuming we can change the width/height.

I am a former WebTV user and I think we had to set other parameters, too, to make a rectangle. So this is why we were not able to make a simple rectangle now. :-)