IM Examples, Transforms, and Jigsaws

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IM Examples, Transforms, and Jigsaws

Post by anthony »

This weekend I finally expanded the 'Transforms' area of IM Examples,
so take a look. ... transform/

The big addition however was the result of a long discussion with Theo van Hoesel, who is using IM to generate Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces from images.
As a result of this discussion is a whole nex set of "Advanced Techniques" ... ed/#jigsaw

On Jigsaw Piece Cutting (or any other shape) from images. At the end of this a script 'jigsaw' was created for simplier and faster creation of interesting shapes.

One new techniaue that was figured out is for 'adding thickness' to images and shapes. This was also listed onto the "Creating Thumbnails" page... ... #thickness

This method may be a good one for people to study to try and find an improved method, with a view for inclusion into IM as a new operator.

Comments, Additions and Improvements are of course always welcome for any IM Examples. Remember to use the latest IM version is you get unexpected results. The IM version used in the Examples is always automatically added to the bottom of each IM examples page.

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