CLAHE Crashes on HDR images

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CLAHE Crashes on HDR images

Post by dres2019 »

I am using v7.0.9-q16-hdri, for the last couple days. I'm trying to do a successful Adaptive Histogram Equalization on HDRI files, but so far all my outputs are much too high contrast and often color-shifted. I downloaded 7.0.9 to try using CLAHE, but the command line crashes on every image I try, whether HDRI or simple JPEG's. Small images (640px) crash almost instantly, and large images (5000px) process for a long time before crashing.

I've tried as many parameters as I've seen on postings, but all crash.

A simple command line might be:

infile.exr -clahe 25x25%+128+3 outfile.exr

Or even a small JPEG: infile.jpg -clahe 25x25%+128+3 outfile.jpg

I've also tried using -mogrify.

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Re: CLAHE Crashes on HDR images

Post by snibgo »

Please give your exact version number (as shown in "magick -version") and platform.

"-clahe" works fine for me with IM 7.0.8-64 on Windows 8.1.
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Re: CLAHE Crashes on HDR images

Post by dlemstra »

Also reported here and the issue has been fixed:
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