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EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-10-11T13:50:29-07:00
by jaideep13
Use the following command to generate EPPS thumbnail and notice the thumbnails are blurry

convert -define jpeg:size=319x319 <path to EPS file> -thumbnail 319x319 cq5dam.thumbnail.319.319.png

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-10-11T14:16:00-07:00
by fmw42
There is no -define jpeg:size. There is a -define jpeg:extent={size} where size is in kb. See Also add -density XX before reading the pdf to get better quality.

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convert -density 300 <path to EPS file> -thumbnail 319x319 -define jpeg:extent={size} cq5dam.thumbnail.319.319.jpg
Fill in your desired outfile file size in kb

NOTE: The -define only works for JPG output. It does not help with PNG output.

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-12-04T14:29:10-07:00
by jaideep13
Thanks a lot for your reply, we have added the "-density 300" which helped with getting better quality renditions. The issue we are facing now is the White EPS files will not display at all.

See image at [1] for more details.

Any suggestions on how to resolve it?

[1] ... e.png?dl=0

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-12-04T15:00:49-07:00
by fmw42
Please post the actual white EPS file so we can examine it. It does us no good to see a PNG image of your processes without the actual EPS.

Also always provide your IM version and platform and in this case what version of Ghostscript you are using with Imagemagick.

Also provide your exact IM command line so we can try to reproduce your issue.

When you say it won't display, in what viewer will it not display? What happens? Error message? Black screen? Or what? Please clarify in more detail.

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-12-05T09:55:01-07:00
by jaideep13
EPS File can be found at -> ... 3.eps?dl=0

ghostscript 9.21 and imagemagick 7.0.8-68

Command that we are using to generate thumbnail/renditions

convert -density 500 -define jpeg:size=319x319 <path to EPS file> -thumbnail 319x319 cq5dam.thumbnail.319.319.png

We used the command above to generate "eqh_icon_white_4c_woman-3.thumbnail.319.319.png " and it was all white( ... 9.png?dl=0)

The same command works fine for non-white images.

To give you more details about the command, It is used by the Adobe Experience Manager to generate thumbnails using IM. More details at [1]. Once renditions are generated, AEM uses them to display it under the assets console.

[1] ... agick.html

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-12-05T10:27:55-07:00
by snibgo
Your EPS file is CMYK, with transparency. I suggest you insert "-colorspace sRGB" before reading it.

You are not reading a jpg image, so "-define jpeg:size=319x319" is not relevant.

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-12-05T11:06:32-07:00
by fmw42
Use magick not convert on IM 7. This command works fine for me. I see a white girl-like outline on a transparent background.

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magick -density 500 -colorspace sRGB eqh_icon_white_4c_woman-3.eps -thumbnail 319x319 thumb.png

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-12-11T10:05:43-07:00
by jaideep13
Thanks fmw42 and snibgo. The issue was resolved after adding the -colorspace sRGB.

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-12-18T19:27:36-07:00
by jaideep13

After making the recommended changes, we started seeing another issue.

When creating the thumbnail for the image at [1], the color of the thumbnail [2] is different than the original file.

Any recommendations on how to make sure the color of the generated thumbnail is the same as original?

Using the command below to generate the thumbnail:

convert -density 500 -colorspace sRGB -define jpeg:size=319x319 eqh_icon_eq-blue_4c_clipboard.eps -thumbnail 319x319 cq5dam.thumbnail.319.319.png

Screenshot of the comparison at [3] where you can see the difference between actual and thumbnail.

[1] ... d.eps?dl=0

[2] ... 9.png?dl=0

[3] ... M.png?dl=0

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-12-18T20:02:35-07:00
by fmw42
Post the actual EPS file that is having issues, so it can be inspected.

Note that -define jpeg:size=319x319 only works for reading JPG files and not eps files.

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-12-18T20:15:51-07:00
by jaideep13
You can find the actual eps file at [1]

[1] ... d.eps?dl=0

Re: EPS thumbnails are blurry

Posted: 2019-12-18T20:39:11-07:00
by fmw42
Your file was created with Illustrator using spot colors. Imagemagick does not know how to handle spot colors. It also is CMYK without any profile. Preserving colors is best done with profiles. The result looks much better when flattened against white to do a fair comparison and both at the same scale. Not perfect, but the spot colors is likely the issue.

Code: Select all

    date:create: 2019-12-19T03:37:44+00:00
    date:modify: 2019-12-19T03:37:44+00:00
    dc:format: application/postscript
    illustrator:StartupProfile: Print
    pdf:Producer: Adobe PDF library 15.00
    pdf:SpotColor-0: +
    pdf:SpotColor-1: +
    pdf:SpotColor-2: +
    pdf:SpotColor-3: +
    pdf:SpotColor-4: +
    pdf:SpotColor-5: DocumentCustomColors:
    pdf:SpotColor-6: CMYKCustomColor:
    ps:HiResBoundingBox: 48x48+0+0
    ps:Level: PS-Adobe-3.1 EPSF-3.0
    signature: ccc203263921d53bcf003404e7f65c4e263c49d22cc95c6a6452c61cbdf0e5ce
    xmp:CreateDate: 2019-10-13T21:02:31-04:00
    xmp:CreatorTool: Adobe Illustrator CC 23.1 (Macintosh)
    xmp:MetadataDate: 2019-10-13T21:02:31-04:00
    xmp:ModifyDate: 2019-10-13T21:02:31-04:00
    xmpMM:DerivedFrom: proof:pdf
    xmpMM:DocumentID: xmp.did:5964a139-4628-44e8-a268-464d05d3a40d
    xmpMM:InstanceID: xmp.iid:5964a139-4628-44e8-a268-464d05d3a40d
    xmpMM:OriginalDocumentID: uuid:5D20892493BFDB11914A8590D31508C8
    xmpMM:RenditionClass: proof:pdf
    xmpTPg:HasVisibleOverprint: False
    xmpTPg:HasVisibleTransparency: False
    xmpTPg:MaxPageSize: Pixels
    xmpTPg:NPages: 1