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Error: ReadImages

Posted: 2014-12-01T09:16:35-07:00
by devyekov

They could guide me in error please

Message = "External component has thrown an exception."
StackTrace = "at Magick.throwException(_ExceptionInfo* )\r\n at Magick.readImages<class std::list<class Magick::Image,class std::allocator<class Magick::Image> > >(list<Magick::Image\\,std::allocator<Magick::Image> >* sequence_, basic_string<char\\,std::char_traits...

This happens in
Visual Studio 2008 C#
But in Visual Studio 2008 VB works correctly.


Code: Select all

	ImageMagickNET.ImageList imagelist = new ImageMagickNET.ImageList();
	imagelist.ReadImages(@"[PATH]\IMAGE.jpg"); // Error
I am leading the demo project ... -in-VB-NET


Re: Error: ReadImages

Posted: 2014-12-01T10:29:57-07:00
by dlemstra
You are using an old .NET wrapper. I would suggest you to switch to the new wrapper I created. You can find that here:

Re: Error: ReadImages

Posted: 2014-12-01T11:11:56-07:00
by devyekov
Firstly I appreciate the prompt response. This that you suggest me, was the first option that I did. However, it did not work me or I not know to how use it. Displays the following message

"This project cannot be viewed in the object browser because it is unavailable or not yet build. Please ensure that the project is available and built."

Perhaps the library requires the recent framework of Visual Studio, but I have to work on
Visual Studio 2008
C# Framework 2 | 3.5


Re: Error: ReadImages

Posted: 2014-12-01T11:49:06-07:00
by devyekov
Thank you very much. Only I had that to use Magick.NET-