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Paid: Identify a panel of a comic and crop it

Posted: 2019-06-27T05:25:57-07:00
by SuitCase
I’m looking to improve the images I share to social media by means of automatically cropping out a single panel within the comic.

Here’s a page of my comic.

What I want is a command\script that takes an image like that as input, and returns the contents of the first complete panel with an uninterrupted border (nothing overlapping the border or bursting out of it, just a neat enclosed panel.) The idea is that a random panel from a page is a better teaser image I can use on social media than a tiny shrunken comic page, even if it is picked “randomly” (i.e. the first one a computer can most easily identify.)

For this example page, it would return this result. (The theoretical script disregards the first panel which has no borders, and finds the second panel, which has a nice uninterrupted border, then crops it.)

And if it’s impossible to find a panel with high enough confidence, the script should fall back on a simple rotated and cropped image in 2:1 ratio that requires no special shape detection.

Here is the set of pages it’d have to work on. (Dropbox link) The input\output examples here should explain what I want pretty clearly, including the fallback option.

I’d be willing to pay $50 to anybody who can solve the problem based on the set of pages linked above, using Imagemagick or other tools. (I use a macOS server and am most comfortable in PHP, but can run whatever on the command line if necessary. Performance is not important.)

Re: Paid: Identify a panel of a comic and crop it

Posted: 2019-10-07T15:12:33-07:00
by SuitCase
I never got this figured out, but I did figure out how to do the rotation fallback which I just do for everything now.

If someone in the future stumbles across my thread and happens to know how to do the intelligent detection and crop, I’d always appreciate an email, I’d still be interested in paying for the work anytime.