Detect White Spaces in Image and Drag Image

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Detect White Spaces in Image and Drag Image

Post by dexterhussain »

I have a problem that I am making an exam system for which I need that a user can drag small pictures on a bigger picture which will show as a question and correct sequence or answer can be found.
i am unable to find any solution. Please help.

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Re: Detect White Spaces in Image and Drag Image

Post by fmw42 »

Can you provide an example picture of what you want to do? I am not sure I understand what the background contains and what the foreground image contains in terms of questions and answers. Imagemagick can overlay one image onto another. See PHP Imagick has a similar ability. See The uploading or dragging and dropping is not something Imagemagick can do. That will need PHP and/or Javascript. What does your question have to do with detecting white space?