Tutor Needed for Image Moment Topic

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Tutor Needed for Image Moment Topic

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I am looking for a tutor who can explain to me some image moment topic down to high school level
text book:
http://559t.iki.rssi.ru/~vgrishin/Cours ... 009%29.pdf
page 20-25: (Genernally about comlpex image moment and Hu moment) begin with:

Proof. Let us prove the independence of B first. Let us assume that B is dependent, i.e.
there exists (p, q) ∈ B, such that it depends on B −. {(p, q)}. As follows from the linear
independence of the polynomials (x + iy)p(x − iy)q and, consequently, from independence
of the complex moments themselves, it must hold that p = p0 and q = q0. This means,
according to the above assumption, that there exist invariants (p1, q1), . . . , (pn, qn)
and (s1, t1), . . . , (sm, tm) from B −. {(p0, q0)} and positive integers k1, . . . , kn and
1, . . . , m such that...........

I can't be bothered sucked in the library for days and refering to some basic math theroy books so hopefully someone can break it down a bit further will pay you $50 for 2hrs if you can provide video tutorial thanks.