superimpose two images

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superimpose two images

Post by vidpai91 »

HEllo sir,
I am newbie to image processing,I work on retinal image analysis. I use gabor filter to perform some operation on my image. I used gabor filter for 12 different orientations of an retinal image and i got 12 different output. now i want to superimpose these images on my original image(first visualized image with original image,second visualized image with original image...till the 12th imgage) and to display all the 12 images.How do i do it?

here is my code

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            I = getimage();
            lambda  = 8;
            theta   = 0;
           psi     = [0 pi/2];
            gamma   = 0.5;
            bw      = 1;
         N       = 12;
        img_in = im2double(I);
%img_in(:,:,2:3) = [];   % discard redundant channels, it's gray anyway
img_out = zeros(size(img_in,1), size(img_in,2), N);
title('input image');

for n=1:N
    gb = gabor_fn(bw,gamma,psi(1),lambda,theta)...
                        + 1i * gabor_fn(bw,gamma,psi(2),lambda,theta);
       img_out(:,:,n) = imfilter(img_in, gb, 'symmetric');
    imshow(img_out(:,:,n));      //gives me 12 different visualization output
       theta = 15 * n;  % next orientation

this is my original image

and this is the output which i got using gabor filter

and this is the type of image i want to get..(this is not the exact image)
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Re: superimpose two images

Post by snibgo »

There are many different ways of placing one image on top of another, depending on what you are trying to show. Perhaps you can put up the original and a couple of your outputs, and describe what you want.

You can put them somewhere like and paste the links here.
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