How to find hidden text in an image

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How to find hidden text in an image

Post by imartynjones »

Help (Please)

I need help in finding some hidden text in the following image: ... ection.gif

The image contains some coordinates for a GeoCache. I have tried using various paint packages, but no joy. Any ideas on what i should be trying?

This is from the Cache Owner:
A clue - since its been nearly a month. No special cryptographic/steganography tools were used in concealing the coordinates. I used plain Paintshop Pro 7.4, the same basic graphics tool I have used for other caches that have had coordinates hidden in images. Several have said to me that they've spotted anomalies in the image when analysing something else, and doing a slight modification. The coordinates may well be in the anomaly. There are also a number of clues in the image itself as to where to look, once you've found the obvious mis-directions...


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Re: How to find hidden text in an image

Post by glennrp »

There seems to be nothing hidden in the file. I tried looking at the image with increased and
decreased gamma, and dumped the image file with "od -c". It could just be some kind of puzzle
involving the numbers in the matrix, e.g., N 47deg 18min 53.07sec, N 13deg 08min 53.18sec
in Austria. I would start by looking at the descriptions of some other caches from the same owner.

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Re: How to find hidden text in an image

Post by rich2005 »

I found some text but it might be a complete "red herring" or maroon as the case may be.

Since it is a gif file, it has a colour map, 2 of the colours are duplicated, maroon, hex 800000, (apart from some strange black entries)

editing either to another colour reveals some text but... says, "no hidden message here try again" screenshot:

I can not see any other exact duplicates in the colour map, plenty of close colours or maybe completely the wrong track to find the co-ordinates.