SVG Path from Inkscape

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SVG Path from Inkscape

Post by whugemann »

I am drawing simple Bezier curves onto an image by means of an SVG path. I determine the control points of the Bezier spline by means of Inkscape, in which the SVG code for an object can directly be displayed. I imported my "template", a JPEG with the right curves drawn onto it, into Inscape, drew my Bezier spline onto it, and the SVG path displayed directly provided me with the coordinates needed in ImageMagick. So far, so good.

But it there a secret switch in Inkscape by means of which I can control whether Inkscape describes the path in absolute coordinates (M ... C ...) or relative coordinates (m ... c ...)? It gave me absolute coordinates in the first attempt and relative one in all the following. It works either way in ImageMagick, but I wonder whteher I have influence on the way that Inkscape handles me the coordinates.

Any ideas? I think that Inkscape is the only freeware that lets one determine the control point coordinates of SVG paths in an uncomplictaed manner, so the question is worth some thinking.
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Re: SVG Path from Inkscape

Post by snibgo »

You might ask on an Inkscape forum.

However, menu "File | Inkscape preferences | Allow relative coordinates" may be what you want.
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