Can imagemagick uninstall itself?

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Can imagemagick uninstall itself?

Post by mattn »

I’m running Ubuntu 16, and I have a Python script that executes a “convert” command via the subprocess routine. It has been working daily until today when suddenly I started seeing “command not found” errors.

Trying to run convert manually from the command line gave a similar error with the apt-get suggestion to install the imagemagick package.

How could I have lost the package between yesterday and today? I’m not running my script with sudo, so I don’t think I could have anything in the script that would inadvertently uninstall any package.

I wondered if imagemagick has some kind of forced upgrade feature whereby it checks for a newer version and then tries to upgrade (first by uninstalling itself) but in this case failed at installing the new version. This seems unlikely, but someone pointed out that a new version was just released, so the timing made me suspicious.

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Re: Can imagemagick uninstall itself?

Post by snibgo »

mattn wrote:I wondered if imagemagick has some kind of forced upgrade feature ...
No, it doesn't. IM has no "upgrade" code or option.

The Windows version does come with uninstall software, and perhaps other versions do also. But IM "convert" etc won't run the uninstall.

Perhaps IM software hasn't vanished, but your system path has changed.
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Re: Can imagemagick uninstall itself?

Post by Bonzo »

I do not think Imagemagick uninstalled itself as people come here with versions years old on their computer.

I am not a Linux user so I do not know the exact commands to find a program try: type convert or which convert

If using V7 try replacing convert with magick
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Re: Can imagemagick uninstall itself?

Post by fmw42 »

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