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Imagemagick does the magic in ffpoth - a movie thumbnailer

Posted: 2012-01-12T05:41:42-07:00
by dlz
I want to thank all developers of imagemagick, because imagemagick does most of the magic in a little tool i made.
Take a look at this image:


The whole compositing is done with IM.
ffpoth, thats the name of the tool i made, takes still images from video files and writes them to standard output as PPM.

ffpoth project site
ffpoth discussion

Without IM it would be MUCH harder to montage multiple thumbnails with text and timestamps. (i've tried it...)

Thank you!


Re: Imagemagick does the magic in ffpoth - a movie thumbnail

Posted: 2012-01-12T21:15:47-07:00
by anthony
Congratulations Robert. Nice results. I know that pixar short film, and the result is impressive.

Do you use IM to actually add the time stamp to the individual images being feed as a PPM stream to "montage"?
Or is "montage" the extent of the ImageMagick use?

Never mind I see it is listed on the wiki page...

Hmmm... I did not think PPM file format allows for 'comments', but I see that I am wrong about that!
I have added notes about it in ... us_comment
(give it a couple of hours to appear)

Though that last example could use some break up into multiple lines to make it more readable. Wiki page however is not very good for editing (or re-editing) additional comments, and comments does nto seem to obey the wiki syntax that is specified!

Re: Imagemagick does the magic in ffpoth - a movie thumbnail

Posted: 2012-01-13T05:34:41-07:00
by dlz
Thank you, Anthony!

First of all, this is not a pixar movie. It is Big Buck Bunny from the Blender Foundation. It is a open movie.

Well, as you might already noticed, almost everything I have learned about IM, I have learned from your IM-Usage-Site. I have to thank you for that!
Your site is really useful to get FAST results, without digging for gold for hours and hours.

The PPM comment is mentioned in the PPM Format Specification. I was happy when I found out that IM supports that feature. However, right now IM has a bug on comment handling in a PPM file. I reported that and it will be fixed in the next point release.

I will make the examples more readable, later.


Re: Imagemagick does the magic in ffpoth - a movie thumbnail

Posted: 2012-01-20T03:14:23-07:00
by anthony
What was that bug? Just for our knowledge, in case someone else come across it!