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Timelapse video - Image processing with ImageMagick

Posted: 2010-10-21T17:52:51-07:00
by lwhistler
Thumbs up to ImageMajik :D ImageMagik was used extensively for all JPG image processing, over 4000 images in total. Link to YouTube video:

I would use GIMP to get the proper color correction values and cropping coordinates on one image, then use ImageMagik to bulk process all the images in that scene.

Linux Computer Software:
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS OS
ImageMagick - Image resizing, color correction, etc.
GIMP - Image resizing, color correction, etc.
Mencoder - JPG to AVI conversion.
OpenShot - Final video editing.

Finding the Balance by Kevin MacLeod

Len Whistler

Re: Timelapse video - Image processing with ImageMagick

Posted: 2010-10-22T19:09:54-07:00
by anthony
Very good.

I would however make one suggestion.

When you have a tall flat object in the scene, such as high rise buildings, or a building on the dock, then you need to modify your tilt shift mask so that that building is blurred uniformly
from what ever part is in the plane (usually the ground) of viewing.

That is a vertical building should have a constant blur over it. While any background beyond building becomes more blurry. That is however blurry a building is at 'ground level' (your plane of interest), is how blurry the building should be all over. The Blurring mask needs represent distance from the camera.

Tall building are the real 'give away' aspect of a simple tilt-shift effect.

Scenes without tall relativity-flat vertical surfaces such as sea scapes, landscapes etc. work very well. Scenes with a strong slope like the slope of a mountain may need the bluring mask tilted to match the scene slope.

It can be a difficult adjustment to make, but one that in time lapse video can be very worth while to consider, and will make the wow-effect much more wow, especially by people who have seen tilt-shift effects before.

You don't have to so a lot, just a little consideration.

One other point. Blurring and sharpening the original image to remove small details, and color shifting to make it more 'vibrant' will also make the result much more model-like.

Keep up your work. You are on a journey that can only improve with experience. And please continue to let us know when you post more of your IM related results.

Re: Timelapse video - Image processing with ImageMagick

Posted: 2010-10-23T18:48:24-07:00
by lwhistler
Thanks anthony for all the tips. I have copied your post for future reference and will study all the suggestions you have made during my next project.