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Question about color-type command ?

Posted: 2019-03-09T01:16:22-07:00
by jupitersea
What commands can I use in Imagick to replicate this:

-define png:color-type=2


Re: Question about color-type command ?

Posted: 2019-03-09T10:56:25-07:00
by fmw42
It depends upon the image you have. If it is already RGB color, then nothing. If it is grayscale and you want to make it RGB, then simply add PNG24: as a preface to your output image.

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convert grayscale.suffix ...  PNG24:rgb.png


Please, always provide your IM version and platform when asking questions, since syntax may differ.

Also provide your exact command line and your images, if possible.

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If using Imagemagick 7, then see

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