Imagick 3.1.2 x64 causing memory_limit error on IIS8.5

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Imagick 3.1.2 x64 causing memory_limit error on IIS8.5

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I changed my PHP architecture to X64 on my IIS 8.5 server and since than I'm unable to use imagick because it totally kills PHP with PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of...
I tried to update Image Magick to the latest Q16 dll version, than I re-downloaded the x64 nts imagick package for PHP 5.6 from because I thought maybe its corrupted but it wasn't.
Now I don't have any idea how to make it work with x64 architecture.

Some technical info:
Windows 8.1 x64
IIS 8.5
PHP 5.6.2 x64 (fcgi)
Image Magick binary: 6.8.9-8-Q16-x64-dll
imagick php extension: php_imagick-3.1.2-5.6-nts-vc11-x64
PHP memory_limit=256M

both PHP and Image Magick is working properly on its own
What could be the problem? Is there anything I can do?
Oh and please don't say to increase memory_limit because I tried that, I gone up to 1GB and it didn't make any difference. Actually it gives me the same error if the memory limit is higher than the amount it tries to allocate, which is little wierd.