Imagick Missing Formats

IMagick is a native PHP extension to create and modify images using the ImageMagick API. ImageMagick Studio LLC did not write nor does it maintain the IMagick extension, however, IMagick users are welcome to discuss the extension here.
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Imagick Missing Formats

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After several weeks trying to get Imagick working on my system, I have succeded in getting it operational, but it is showing the png and jpg formats as not supported in phpinfo(). If I run "convert -list format" on the command line, it shows jpg and png as supported by ImageMagick. I can use Imagick to create gif images from a script,( but not jpg or png), so the Imagick install seems ok. I can create jpg or png images if I run commands on the command line, So I know the problem is not ImageMagick. My system info follows. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Windows 7
Apache 2.4.9
php 5.5.11
ImageMagick 6.8.9-5 Q16 x86
imagick 3.1.2