composite and backgroud problem

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Re: composite and backgroud problem

Post by Bonzo »

The Imagemagick explanation is here: ... hp#unsharp

It is used a lot in photography:

It can introduce noise to the image if overused.

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Re: composite and backgroud problem

Post by alfredopacino »

im sorry for annoing u again

i trying to edit files path and seems like not work
exec("convert -size 100x100 xc:white \( -density 300 \"{$strPDF}[0]\" -thumbnail 100x100 -unsharp 1.5x1+0.7+0.02 \) -gravity center -composite pdf_icon.png -gravity southeast -composite \"docs/thumbs/".$doc->getData('dmfilename').".jpg\" 2>&1", $array);
ps: dont care about $doc->getData('dmfilename'), its a string

EDIT: ok was a cache problem, i guess
thanks again :D