magickwand remote operations

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magickwand remote operations

Post by sonny »

Hi all, I am trying to crop images from a remote server, but get the error below;

Fatal error: magickreadimage(): C API cannot read the format "" (reason: no data returned `http:/www.') [on C source line 217] in /var/www/html/projects/sp/myUsefulFunctions.class.php on line 1618

Any ideas what could be restricting access, i know the code is good because it works on local files.

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Re: magickwand remote operations

Post by magick »

MagickWand for PHP has security restrictions that prevent images from being read with the HTTP protocol. Now that we have configurable security policies in ImageMagick., there is no longer a need for hard-coded restrictions in MagickWand for PHP. In the mean-time, try iMagick. Perhaps that PHP API permits the HTTP protocol.