Pop art / Andy warhole effect.

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Pop art / Andy warhole effect.

Post by mickey »

Hi there!

Ive been working with ImageMagick for a while now, and need an effect to make images lookalike some popart/ andy warhole images.

While im a pretty good photoshop designer, it is no problem doing it there, but then i cut out some stuff etc, and that makes me have some major problems doing it with ImageMagick.

What i tried first was things like this:

Code: Select all

convert image.jpg -type Grayscale -colorize 255,150,0 -emboss 0x1 final_image.jpg
This atleast make my image get some colours!

I also tried to put in a -paint effect, but still its to "noisy" and not looking right..

Let me give you an example:

This would be awsome: http://picture.yatego.com/images/452fb3 ... llage2.jpg
This would also be lovely: http://www.artake.com/celebrity_popart_gifts.jpg

It dont even have to be close to presicely like that, but as close as possible..

ALSO i have one major last note.... The code need to be executed in one line.

I dont know if its possible... But... Any suggestions?



Re: Pop art / Andy warhole effect.

Post by shirtshop »

Hi Mikey

Im looking for a script what converts images to popart. I found your post, did you solved it? Can i see something online?


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Re: Pop art / Andy warhole effect.

Post by fmw42 »

I don't know if this is relevant to what you want, but see my script, cartoon, at the link below. It is a bash shell script, but can be run from PHP exec function.

Also see the discussion at viewtopic.php?f=1&t=15890&start=0
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Re: Pop art / Andy warhole effect.

Post by Bonzo »

I have found that there is to much user input required to automate a popart effect; there have been other requests for this usualy a couple of times a year.
This is my first test a few years ago - the top rows are the individual images and the bottom is the output image and input image .


Fred and I tried again last year but you need to decide what colour is going to be changed to the new colour and how much of it etc.