Working with php image resources

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Working with php image resources

Post by mordisko »

Hello everyone!
I just downloaded an installed my imagemagick+magickwand and was toying a little with it. It's very hard to learn it due to the lack of tutorials =(

I found a limitation wich will make my job harder and it's that imagemagick does not seem to be able to work with php image resources (or at least i don't know how). Is there any way that a magickwand can read -and understand- an image resource created from php gd? let's say, for example, and imagecreatefromjpeg().

I've seen that you can work with blobs or files, but i did not find a way to do this.
Any help will be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot

EDIT: mispelling (my english is terrible!)


Re: Working with php image resources

Post by Romain »

I am learning as well, and this tutorial helps me a lot along with the documentation: ... -examples/


Re: Working with php image resources

Post by umitdogan »

There is no resource on the web. I have spent long hours but got no information.
I need to work with transparent images. But I had lots of unsolved problems. I am planning to change my direction.
The worst documented project I have ever seen :(


Re: Working with php image resources

Post by mordisko »

Well, it's not the topic of the post but maybe this can help you. I needed a code to shear an image and let it in a transparent background and i ended with this (it's part of a class so maybe some things make no sense, just ignore them). The point is to use the pixelwand as 'transparent' and convert the image to a type you can handle.

Code: Select all

		function perspectiva($imagen='',$x=0,$y=0) {
			if (!$imagen&&!$imagen=$this->Fichero)
				return false;
			return true;
Hope this helps you a little.