Question about command defaults

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Question about command defaults

Post by ridera »

Documentation states several commands have a default.
How do I designate it?

e.g., -unsharp

I've tried
-unsharp without any parameter
-unsharp ""

Nothing seems to work.

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Post by magick »

The image attributes have defaults, like the default bordercolor. For image operators you need to specify a parameter. Most of the kernel operators will choose a good radius and sigma for the kernel if the parameter is 0x1 (e.g. -unsharp 0x1).


Post by ridera »

Is there a list of the defaults for the various commands.

For example I can't find "0x1" in the documentaion. And, I wouldn't have guessed it.

Seems like the documention should include the default values.

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Post by anthony »

0x1 is not a option, it is an argument to the -unsharp option.

Basically it says to use the unsharp algorthim on a radius of one pixel.
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