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NO Imagemagcik will NOT go back to the old way.

First of all the -resize was changed so that it will now CORRECTLY handle
and anti-alias images containing transparency.
See IM Bug 'resize halo' ... size_halo/

The other change is various attempt to get GIF to better handle semi-transparent pixels. Remember GIF format does NOT allow semi-transparency, it is transparent or it isn't.

In v5 it just trurn all semi-transparency opaque. Later it converted them all to fully-transparency. Neither proved satisfactory. The solution now if a 50% threshold. EG if it is mostly transparent make it transparent and visa verse for opacity. This has shown to work well in most cases.

If this is not suitable for you, threshold the transparency as you like yourself.
See GIF Transparency handling Examples.. ... ats/#trans

Hmm my mistake it seems in his effort to make each person happy. Crist has now made the -fuzz facter the threshold level to use for handling semi-transparency. This is probably only temporary. If semi-transparency is an issue. threshold it yourself, or handle those pixels in an appropriate way.
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