Finding edges & splitting image into multiple

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Finding edges & splitting image into multiple

Post by fadams99 »

I have a large number of scanned images as combined photos (8 photos per file) and I was wondering how I can automate the process of finding the edges of each individual image and splitting it into its own .jpg . Is this possible? Below is an example of the type of thing I am dealing with.

Help is appreciated!

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Re: Finding edges & splitting image into multiple

Post by snibgo »

I show some methods at Subimage rectangles.
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Re: Finding edges & splitting image into multiple

Post by fmw42 »

If on a Unix-like system, see my scripts: multicrop and multicrop2 at my link below.

Otherwise, convert the image into binary (black where the images exist and white for your background) as a mask. Then use connected components to get the bounding boxes of the black regions from the mask. The use those bounding boxes to crop your actual input image.