Generate a path automatically via CLI

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Generate a path automatically via CLI

Post by davidbrok5 »

I'm working out if there is a way to take a (grayscale) .png picture, run an edge detection algorithm on it, generate a list of points (up to here all of this will happen in java) and chuck those points with the original image over to imagemagick, where it will generate a path.

So the result I want is that png file with path information in its metadata. This should be a path in photoshop as well. All of this has to happen on a server, so it would be best if I can write a script I can start via java.

Is that (the imagemagick part obv) even possible? How would I go about this? I only have very passing knowledge of imagemagick so please be gentle :)whatsapp web routerlogin
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Re: Generate a path automatically via CLI

Post by fmw42 »

ImageMagick cannot generate Photoshop paths. It can take a set of points and draw lines on the picture, but they will not be editable. You would have format the list of points into a file or string to feed to imagemagick.

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