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Return position and size of circular objects in image

Posted: 2019-11-03T23:03:28-07:00
by linkinpark2014
Hello all, I have this image:

using this command:

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magick model1.png -canny 0x0+1%+10% -negate -blur 3x.7 -solarize 50% -level 50%,0 model_canny.png
it got converted to this :

is it possible to get the position/size of the teeth in the arch? it doesn't have to be perfect. Even if it detects half of the teeth in the arch it would be a great for me to understand how this works. So far I've tried

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param and it gives me thousands of results which is obviously incorrect. Here's what I've done so far:

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magick model_canny.png -fuzz 5% -define connected-components:verbose=true -connected-components 4 objects.png
Also is it possible to remove the random black lines inside the teeth? Any help would be appreciated..