Can imagemagick do anything with *.stn files?

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Can imagemagick do anything with *.stn files?

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I'm cataloging a large archive of digital work produced by an elderly artist. For some of the work he was doing, it seems he used the Genuine Fractals Photoshop plug-in. At least that's my guess since I'm encountering a number of files with the .stn extension. I'm processing these files on my GNU/Linux laptop and do not have access to any machine running Photoshop, btw. Plus, I've understood after doing a bit of searching that Genuine Fractals no longer uses the .stn extension/format. So what I'm wondering is whether imagemagick might enable me to somehow convert these .stn files to some more common image format like .png or .jpg. Anyone have any input on this?


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Re: Can imagemagick do anything with *.stn files?

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convert -list format

If it is not there and not listed at, then IM likely cannot read them.

According to, the stn format is proprietary.