I get differant results than example in tutorial

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I get differant results than example in tutorial

Post by lwhistler »

In the Tilt-Shift Effect I get different results than the example in tutorial, my results are less blurred. I'm using version 6.5.7-8 on Ubuntu 10.04.

Scroll 1/3 down:

I download this image from the tutorial:

I then run this code from the tutorial with no changes:

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convert beijing_md.jpg -sigmoidal-contrast 15x30% \
          \( +clone -sparse-color Barycentric '0,0 black 0,%h gray80' \
             -solarize 50% -level 50%,0 \) \
          -compose Blur -set option:compose:args 5 -composite \
But my finished image has less blur than in the tutorial example below:

I don't have my results posted online so I can't link to it, but it has noticeably a lot less blur than the image above. Can anyone give me an idea why I would get different results than the tutorial - My version of imagemagick should be OK.



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Re: I get differant results than example in tutorial

Post by snibgo »

You can change the amount of blur by modifying "5" in "-set option:compose:args 5".

Your version of ImageMagick is very old, which probably explains the difference.
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