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Topic: Using "convert" to go from SVG to PNG on Windows XP
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Re: Using "convert" to go from SVG to PNG on Windows XP

I've never tried SVG in MH. Instead, I use Inkscape. (Judging from the MH documentation, this seems the best option.)

inkscape -f x.svg -e x.png
by snibgo
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Topic: convert performance large matrix
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Re: convert performance large matrix

1,000,000 x 60kB = 60 GB. And that's the compressed size, but I gather MH stores the image uncompressed in memory. I don't think Windows XP allows you to have 60 GB virtual memory. So I think you are asking the impossible. Some other software might work line-by-line, without storing the image in RAM...
by snibgo
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Topic: Animation, but not floating point?
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Animation, but not floating point?

I'm using 6.5.8-Q16 on Windows 7, seeing how suitable IM might be for generating frames for a movie from photographs using pan/zoom/etc. A typical command pastes part of an image to a background: composite -compose Copy -geometry +22.53+10.673 ( srcB.jpg -resize "54.9399%" ) iv_bgnd.png iv_srcB.png ...